Frank Warren ranks heavyweight boxing greats BLIND – where does Tyson Fury land?

Ranking great athletes from different eras is always fun – there is seldom ever a right answer, and it always sparks a ton of debate.

This is never truer when it comes to the world of heavyweight boxing – with the sport’s marquee weight class providing some of the greatest talents, and events, ever in the world of sport.

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As we close in on boxing getting its first undisputed world heavyweight king since 1999, it seems fitting that the history of the division is in the limelight.

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will meet in Riyadh on February 17, and barring a draw one of them will emerge as the first undisputed ruler in the four-belt era.

This week Fury’s Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren became the latest man to be asked those difficult questions about just where the greats should be ranked, but with a twist. He had to do it BLIND…no sitting and pondering his choices ahead of time.

Frank Warren on heavyweights

Warren wasn’t allowed to just throw out names – instead he was given 5 in quick succession and asked to rank them. Not easy. So where did his own fighter rank?

You can watch Warren give his take in the video clip below, but here is how he ranked the fighters he was asked about:

  • 5. Lennox Lewis
  • 4. Mike Tyson
  • 3. George Foreman
  • 1. Muhammad Ali

So some interesting nuggets there – Fury ends up BETTER than all of George Foreman, Mike Tyson AND the sport’s most recent undisputed king Lennox Lewis.

Warren did point out though that his interviewer has, in his opinion, left out one of the best fighters of all out of the available options – that would be the great Larry Holmes.