Daniel Kinahan to step away from boxing

Daniel Kinahan, adviser to world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and a number of other high-profile fighters, will step away from boxing ‘immediately’ according to The Athletic.

The Irishman, the original founder of MTK Global – the company which manages Fury – will take time away from the sport to concentrate on other interests, according to MTK Global president Bob Yalen.

A storm of controversy erupted in the media on June 10 when Fury praised Kinahan as he announced a financial structure was agreed for an eagerly-awaited heavyweight unification match with fellow Briton Anthony Joshua.

Even Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was moved to comment amid allegations that Kinahan is the leader of an international crime organisation.

Last week Top Rank supremo Bob Arum announced that Kinahan would no longer lead negotiations from the team Fury side with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom for the Joshua fight or fights. And now comes the latest news that he will take a step back completely from boxing.

Yalen told The Athletic: “Daniel’s going to be taking time away from the sport to focus on other interests and hopefully this will put a stop to the negative press from Ireland that’s based entirely on hearsay. No court has ever found this man guilty of anything. The man has never been charged or convicted of a crime. The only basis for these allegations is the hearsay testimony of biased parties.

“And it’s unfortunate for his fighters that he’s taking this step back. But I respect his personal decision. He wants to do what’s right for the sport, he loves the fighters. But MTK will continue to secure the best, most lucrative deal for its fighters and ensure the biggest fights in the sports are made. We have lots of exciting news coming soon.”

Arum is now leading talks with Hearn in a bid to seal a deal for Fury vs Joshua – with Hearn saying talks last week were productive and that he is hopeful a first bout will take place next summer. Both fighters would take a 50-50 split for that showdown, with the winner getting the 60-40 lion’s share for the rematch.

Update: Daniel Kinahan’s involvement in boxing was the subject of a BBC Panorama documentary on February 1, 2021.