Dubois vs Miller results, scorecards and analysis

Daniel Dubois returned to winning ways by handing Jarrell Miller the first defeat of his professional career on that ‘Day of Reckoning’ card in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night.

The British heavyweight, who failed in his world title bid against Oleksandr Usyk last time out in August, was terrific here as he blasted his way to a stoppage late in the 10th and final round of an absorbing contest.

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Dubois (239lbs) was outweighed to the tune of 94 pounds by the enormous Miller (333lbs), but size doesn’t always matter. And by the second half of the bout it was ‘Dynamite’ landing the bigger bombs as his American opponent tired.

The end came in the last round as Michael Alexander waved it off with just 10 seconds remaining after a furious assault from Dubois. The Londoner improved to 20-2 with the win while Miller falls to 26-1-1.

The 35-year-old Miller of course is best known to UK fans for the failed drug tests which saw him miss out on that world title shot vs Anthony Joshua back in 2019. Paving the way of course for a certain Andy Ruiz Jr to claim his moment in the sun.

Dubois starts fast

Miller was hoping to rebuild back to world title contention after serving his ban, but Dubois would not be an easy opponent. And so it proved as the British star had the better of the opening round with some classy shots.

The second started with more of the same as Dubois landed the cleaner and heavier shots, but Miller finally exploded into action late into the session by trying to land big rights of his own. They clearly got the attention of Dubois, though Miller ended the round with blood around his nose.

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Dubois started the third superbly with a sustained flurry, topped by a lovely uppercut. But it was like a man with an axe trying to chop down a very large tree, and Miller stayed very much upright. Daniel’s punches were just bouncing off the giant ‘Big Baby’. The pace was incredible, surely that would count against Miller later in the day. The American had thrown just 10 punches to this point, but he had landed every single one.

Daniel showcased a lovely stiff jab early in the fourth that Miller absolutely felt, though there was some marking near the right eye of the British star as well. Dubois continued to throw most of the meaningful leather as Miller tried to wear down his opponent, continuing to steam forward. Jarrell though exploded into life with a beautiful two-punch combination which really snapped back the head of Dubois. He survived though and the action continued apace.

Both men continued to wage war in the fifth, and both were feeling the pace. Dubois was still landing well at times but Miller just would not take a backwards step, landing sneaky shots on the inside. It was cracking action.

Dubois was starting rounds fast and then tending to fade, and he was on the money again early in the sixth with a lovely combination. Miller though was showcasing an incredible chin, befitting his giant size. Another peach of a Dubois right just bounced off Miller as the Brit continued to pound away.

Miller was surely behind on the cards with four rounds remaining, and he showed much more urgency in the seventh, landing a lovely right early in the session which Dubois took well. Both men were landing late in the session and Dubois again showcased an excellent jab, boxing well on the back foot at times.

Daniel answers every question

The eighth provided more toe-to-toe action with Dubois stiffening the legs of ‘Big Baby’ with a lovely right early in the session. Miller though just shook his head – that giant tree was showing no signs of falling just yet. He was though starting to look very very tired. Dubois was landing better shots, but how would the judges see this? It was Miller marching forward every step of the way. Dubois was warned late in the round for a low blow, but he came back to hurt Miller with a peach of a shot as the bell sounded.

We had just two rounds remaining now, and both men had given everything. It was Dubois coming on strong though as Miller started to show signs of wilting. The tide continued to rise for the American in the ninth as Daniel came out winging again, starting with a beautiful right hand. It was difficult for Dubois to miss now as he finally started to break Miller down. Jarrell continued to march forward, hoping to land one big single shot to turn things around. It was an energy-sapping brawl.

It looked like Miller would at worst survive to hear the scores read out, but Dubois very much had other ideas. He came out for the 10th and final round looking to leave no doubt in the minds of the judges, but would their input be needed? We would find out in the final three minutes.

Dubois was punching and moving to start the final session, countering furiously as Miller tried to march forward looking for the KO punch. He was weary though, and eating regular shots from the British star. Dubois landed a peach of an uppercut midway through the session to further hurt Miller.

The only question now was whether Dubois could close the show before the final bell sounded, and we got the answer in the affirmative. The end came with just 10 seconds remaining after a furious and sustained assault which began with a beautiful right which had Miller staggering backwards.

It was an impressive performance from the 26-year-old Greenwich man, who showed that he is far from done at world level as he looks to build back to the very top again.