Fury vs Chisora 3 results, scorecards & analysis

Tyson Fury retained his WBC and lineal world heavyweight titles with a brutal beatdown of Dereck Chisora in their trilogy fight in London on Saturday night.

‘The Gypsy King’ (now 33-0-1 with 24 wins inside distance) was peerless as he battered Chisora to a one-sided stoppage defeat in Round 10.

The brave Chisora (now 33-13) showed incredible cojones to take a ridiculous amount of punishment and stand in there until the end finally came late in the fight.

Fury in the groove early

Chisora started out with the only gameplan he knows, and likely the only one which had a chance. He steamed forward, trying to push Fury back to the ropes while winging in body shots.

Fury though was in no mood to mess about as he started to unload some lovely shots as the session progressed – notably a couple of terrific right uppercuts as Chisora stayed low as he came in. He was in the groove immediately.

Chisora landed a big looping right early in the second but it had no impact at all on Fury, who continued to befuddle his opponent with a million feints and quick shots from all angles.

‘The Gypsy King’ unleashed the punch of the fight so far with 30 seconds remaining in the second – a beautiful right uppercut that hurt Chisora. The round ended with Fury unloading as the challenger laid on the ropes. ‘Del Boy’ though is made of stern stuff and he survived, for now at least.

Round 3 was a Fury masterclass as he gave Chisora a sustained beating with clean shot after clean shot landing on the overmatched Chisora. It started with a beautiful right hand that left the challenger on wobbly legs. And that was only the start as Fury continued to land power shots at will.

The fourth was much better for Chisora, but it is all relative. Fury, rather than unleashing big power shots, was content to outbox his opponent on the end of that stiff left jab.

It was again virtuoso Fury in the fifth as he continued to outclass Chisora, and he sent Dereck stumbling back across the ring late in the session with another peach of a right hand. He was pitching a shutout to this point in a very one-sided championship bout.

One-way traffic as Tyson pours it on

Chisora would make it to the halfway stage, but he did so looking extremely weary and out of ideas as Fury again boxed his ears off in Round 6. A lovely short left in particular forced Dereck to take a step back and now the only question was how long this would last. Or be allowed to last.

Despite the beating he had taken already, Chisora showed real guts in the seventh. He continued to come forward to try and push Fury back onto the ropes, trying all the time to land body shots on the reigning champion. It was still Fury’s round though and he ended it completely on top with a pair of brutal left uppercuts landed.

Chisora had a very swollen right eye in danger of closing as the eighth began and he suffered some more painful punishment in a very one-sided Round 8. Fury again used the uppercut to soften Chisora up and followed up with right hands which also landed flush. Chisora now had damage to his mouth as the bell sounded to end the round.

The ninth saw another Fury masterclass, and it ended with a brutal shot from the champion which stiffened Chisora’s legs again. Dereck survived to the bell but his face was now a bloody mask.

It appeared odds-on that Chisora would not survive the 10th before the round even started, and that proved to be the case. Eventually Fury landed another spiteful shot late in the session and Loughlin stepped in to save Chisora from further punishment.

Fury will now move on to bigger challenges – hopefully that eagerly-awaited unification clash with Oleksandr Usyk, who was ringside here. For Chisora, he can go home and heal with another deserved payday after a very brave performance.