Fury vs Usyk results, scorecards and analysis as UNDISPUTED heavyweight king is CROWNED

Oleksandr Usyk is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after the closest of split decision victories over Tyson Fury in an epic fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday night.

The 37-year-old from Ukraine (now 22-0) appeared to be heading for defeat as Fury (34-1-1) boxed beautifully to build what appeared to be a clear advantage through seven rounds. But then the great former undisputed cruiserweight king showed great courage and skill to turn the tide.

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The crucial moment came in 9 where he had Fury in massive trouble after an attack which led to a crucial knockdown. It was a 10-8 round and it would eventually prove the difference in the fight.

He continued to edge the bout the rest of the way to prevail by split decision, and set up a rematch between the pair in October.

Round-by-round analysis

Fury scampered out quickly to claim centre ring in Round 1 and began to establish the jab. It was cagey stuff with ‘The Gypsy King’ throwing a million feints while Usyk looked for single shots to the body as he tried to get inside. Oleksandr finished the round well with two lovely left hands to the head that did land.

Fury already had damage to the nose when he came out for the second and Usyk – clearly emboldened by that – landed another big left early in the round. He continued to push forward looking to get inside, but Fury responded brilliantly with multiple powerful uppercuts to the body of Usyk.

The third was one for the purists – high level technical brilliance from both men. Usyk on the front foot pushing Fury back, while ‘The Gypsy King’ continued to feint and move, and respond with uppercuts. Usyk was still having sporadic success with those lefts to the head of the Morecambe man.

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Fury boxed beautifully for the majority of the fourth round, having particular success with that short hook and uppercut off the back foot. Usyk was still able to get inside occasionally though to land with the left hand. We had it level through four, but these were tough rounds to score.

The fifth was another round for Fury and his best of the fight so far. He was full of confidence and enjoying regular success, particularly to the body of Usyk. The Ukrainian clearly felt a couple of those shots to the midriff, and complained of another being low. Team Fury had been convinced this was his weakness, and they were working on that perceived flaw.

Round 6 was another terrific one for Fury and he was really in control now. He rocked Usyk with a body shot and then an uppercut – and the Ukrainian was clearly hurt. He also had a nick over his eye to worry about. At this stage Fury was just too big and too good. Could Usyk somehow turn the tide?

Usyk did land a couple of nice left hands in the seventh, but it was still Fury controlling the show. He was using his jab to great effect to control the distance and then bringing that right uppercut into play. Usyk’s legs were now slower, his eye was cut and he had been hurt. Time for a great champion to dig deeper than ever before. But even then, would it be enough?

Oleksandr showed great heart in Round 8 to probably just about edge the session, biting down on his gumshield to get inside and land those big left hands. One of them appeared to cause significant damage to the nose of Fury and ‘The Gypsy King’ was bleeding freely when he returned to the corner. Usyk absolutely was not done yet.

The fight turned massively in Round 9 as Usyk completely changed the fight on its head. The round was close until the final 60 seconds when Usyk landed an enormous left hand which stunned Fury. ‘The Gypsy King’ was out on his feet and forced to take a count as Usyk unloaded with a furious barrage. Somehow, the bout wasn’t stopped and somehow, Fury made it to the bell. He would need all of the minute break to regroup. 10-8 round for Usyk.

Somehow, Fury managed to recover his senses enough to make a fist of the 10th. He probably still lost it with Usyk throwing the better shots. But gradually as the session wore on ‘The Gypsy King’ was back to more like his normal self. What a fight it was, but who held the edge on the scorecards?

There were just six minutes remaining now and Round 11 was a very close one. Usyk again pushing the distance and the pace, though Fury did manage to throw that uppercut out for the first time in a little while. Just one round to immortality, but who would it be for?

The final session was nip and tuck, classic stuff with both men fighting with both skill and heart. Both enjoyed success and it was Fury’s best session since that dreadful ninth round. To the scorecards we would go – with quite frankly any of the scores possible. Even the dreaded draw.

Fury vs Usyk scorecards

The referee for Fury vs Usyk tonight is Mark Nelson from Minnesota in the United States.

  • Manuel Oliver Palermo – 115-112 Usyk
  • Craig Metcalfe – 114-113 Fury
  • Mike Fitzgerald – 114-113 Usyk

Fury vs Usyk results

Usyk wins by split decision.