Tyson Fury does a complete 360 on Usyk as heavyweight mind games RAMP Up for Riyadh blockbuster

Friday’s weigh-in for Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk was the polar opposite of Thursday’s final press conference – a complete 360 from ‘The Gypsy King’.

On Thursday in the desert the 35-year-old Fury had ignored Usyk rather than partake in the eagerly-awaited face-off at the end of their session with the world’s media. It was fascinating stuff as the Morecambe man (34-0-1) stared out into the sea of cameras and flash bulbs, rather than engage his Ukrainian opponent. Usyk (21-0) meanwhile stared laser beams into the side of his head.

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Some 24 hours on and it was very different as the two men got onto the scales on Friday, with Fury back to his swashbuckling best. It was absolutely gameface time and he was about to make a statement.

After bouncing on to the stage and weighing in at 262lbs – more than a stone less than for his last outing against Francis Ngannou in October 2023 – it was time to try and get under Usyk’s skin.

Fury goes off

The face-off, this time, did absolutely happen. And Fury stuck his head right in Usyk’s face as the pair of them locked horns like a pair of angry stags.

For the first time, just maybe, Usyk was a little unnverved. And Fury continued his gameplan by absolutely going off when he was interviewed once the ceremonies were over. It was X-rated stuff, meant to shock, and meant to shock one man. Usyk.

“We’re ready to rock and roll you know, fireworks tomorrow night. I’m gonna knock this little f***er spark out.

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“I’m coming for his heart, that’s what I’m coming for, f*** his belts. I’m coming for his f***ing heart. He’s getting it tomorrow, spark out! F*** him and f*** all his team too, f*** the lot of ’em. They can all get it if they want it too. S***houses.”

So, six F-bombs in the space of about 20 seconds, leaving all those broadcasters with rights to this one plastering their screens with apologies for offensive language. But this, absolutely was planned.

Fury has been absolutely focused all week, keen to get on with things and with little time for small talk. He knows this is the biggest test of his professional career to date, against a man who has lost to nobody at any level, amateur or pro, since 2009.

This was his last chance to find a pre-fight edge, and boy did he use it. Get the popcorn ready people, we are on to Saturday night.