Where’s Dillian? A Fury vs Whyte prediction

We are now just 11 days away from Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte, and there is still no sign of ‘The Body Snatcher’ as the promotion towards fight night prepares to ramp up.

As we search in vain for the Brixton man as he prepares for that long-awaited world title challenge at Wembley Stadium on April 23, it is time for a bold prediction. Not about the fight itself, but the promotion.

Will Whyte silence help the promotion?

It’s our firm belief that the radio silence from Dillian so far WILL HELP THE PROMOTION. If that sounds crazy, consider a few simple irrefutable facts.

  • There are few greater promoters in the world of boxing these days than Tyson Fury. Does he even need an opponent to ramp up interest?
  • Once the initial press conference to announce the bout is out of the way, there is always a period of waning interest before it really gets going again in fight week.
  • The 94,000 tickets to the fight are already sold – the live gate will not be an issue here. A record live gate is assured. Winner winner…
  • So to the one remaining question mark – the PPV. Most buys traditionally happen in the final 6-12 hours before the bout takes place. We are still 11 days away from that people.
  • Whyte’s silence has been so deafening, when he does finally rock up the noise will only be amplified. People will be even more interested in what he has to say.
  • It’s a heavyweight title fight between two British fighters, in a British stadium, with one of the greatest self-promoters ever taking part.

Fury vs Whyte PPV buys: How many?

Fury’s co-promoter Frank Warren has predicted the bout will pull in around 1.5million UK buys – punchy but definitely not outrageous. That would put the bout in the record territory normally inhabited only by Anthony Joshua on Sky Sports.

The next big date in your diary is the middle of next week when the final press conference for the bout will take place. The final time these two can meet before the official weigh-in on Friday.

We hope Whyte will be in attendance for that presser but in the grand scheme of things does it really matter? Come Saturday we will still have an absolute frenzy and people falling over themselves to buy the fight. That deafening silence is about to be replaced by deafening noise…

Fury will earn his $29million guaranteed purse, Whyte will take home more than $8million and one of them will pocket another $4million for winning the bout. And at the end of the day, the fight will still make money.