‘Suck my motherf***ing d***’ – Arreola blasts judges

Fair to say Chris Arreola wasn’t impressed by the judges and their scorecards as he lost to Andy Ruiz Jr in the big FOX pay-per-view on Saturday night.

The veteran 40-year-old (now 38-7-1) put up an incredibly game effort against the 31-year-old former world heavyweight champion in Carson, California.

Arreola off to fast start

He had Ruiz Jr (now 34-2) on the floor in round two courtesy of a right hand to the side of the head. And more sweet punches early in the third had Andy in big trouble again.

Ruiz Jr would recover after that and dominate proceedings for the second half of the bout. And while the result was never in doubt, some of the scorecards raised eyebrows.

One judge had Ruiz Jr winning 117-110 while the other two had it 118-109. Effectively giving Arreola just one round on the night – the 10-8 in the second when he decked Andy.

Arreola also fought through injury in the final five rounds after apparently hurting his left shoulder in the eighth.

Chris hits out at scorecards

While both men – who first sparred when Ruiz Jr was just 16 – showed great respect for each other, Arreola had little respect for the judges in the immediate aftermath.

When interviewed in the ring he said: “You know what, I always say I respect the judges. I always said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They like a butterface. Everything’s pretty but their face.

“Honestly man, did he win? Fine, but don’t tell me you’re only gonna give me 2/3 rounds. F*** that. I’m gonna be like Dr Dre. All y’all can suck my motherf***ing d***.”

The result itself – a unanimous decision for Ruiz Jr – was absolutely fine, no complaints there. But the size of the margin on at least two of the cards – laughable. Chris had a point, one he made pretty forcibly. Great TV.