Tommy Fury: Game over for AJ when he meets Tyson

‘Love Island’ star Tommy Fury says it will be “game over” for Anthony Joshua when he finally locks horns with his half-brother Tyson Fury.

Fury and Joshua have agreed in principle the financial structure for a two-fight deal, with the first bout expected to take place next summer.

And Tommy, himself an aspiring light-heavyweight (3-0), is supremely confident of the outcome when the biggest fight in British boxing history does take place.

He told IFL TV: “I think Eddie Hearn and AJ have obviously worked great together over the years but I do genuinely believe that both of them, and everyone involved in their lives, know that when AJ fights Tyson that will be the end of it. He won’t be able to come back from it.

“I think they’re just getting as much money as they can out of Joshua, getting him the Pulev fight and all that, sort of easy fights because it is. He’s (Pulev) not in the mix.

“I think they know when they fight Tyson it’s game over so I think they’re trying to cash as much as they can and then obviously take the Tyson fight. Then it’s game over isn’t it. They’ll have a good few paydays out of the Tyson trilogy I suspect it will be, then it’s over.”

Tyson of course is set to meet Deontay Wilder in their trilogy fight in December, though some experts have expressed doubts as to whether the fight will happen with Wilder strangely silent and the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to wreck the sporting calendar in the United States.

Tommy added: “Wilder’s gonna do whatever he’s gonna do. But Tyson’s ready, Tyson’s the king of the world. There ain’t no-one beating him. So anyone can get it really because Tyson’s the man.

“It’s like a famous line that Conor McGregor said. If you’re number one, who cares if you fight number two or number three, it’s just somebody in the ring that night. That’s the position Tyson’s in now, he’s number one and it doesn’t matter whether Wilder fights or not, if Joshua wants it he can get it.”

Tommy also teased news about his own career, saying there is a major announcement coming that will raise eyebrows everywhere.

“I think when the news does come I think everyone will be shocked,” he revealed.

“It’s big news and I’m just waiting for it to be announced. It’s the biggest news I’ve had ever really since doing the whole Love Island thing, boxing, whatever, it’s very big news.”