‘Frillian Whyte Knickers’ – Fury mocks ‘Body Snatcher’

Tyson Fury says Dillian Whyte raised the white flag by not turning up for their London press conference on Tuesday and he gave ‘The Body Snatcher’ a new nicknameĀ  – ‘Frillian Whyte Knickers’.

‘The Gypsy King’ mocked his April 23 opponent when the Londoner stayed in Portugal instead of rocking up at Wembley Stadium, where the two will meet for the WBC, Ring magazine and lineal world heavyweight titles. It is the biggest fight in the UK since Lennox Lewis vs Frank Bruno in 1993.

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Fury’s co-promoter Frank Warren revealed that Whyte was even offered the private jet he wanted to fly him in and out of London, but then still refused to attend and instead added further demands.

Warren was clearly incredulous at the turn of events, describing Whyte’s conduct as “disgraceful” and “madness”.

Fury on Whyte no-show

Fury though was not angry, and instead he preferred to mock the Brixton slugger instead.

He said: “I’m not concerned because this is the Tyson Fury roadshow and the next stop is London in the United Kingdom. It’s never about the opponent, whether it’s his face on there or somebody else’s. Really unimportant – he’s ugly anyway, we should take him down Frank.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Dillian Whyte, doesn’t matter if it’s Joe Joyce, Dereck Chisora, Anthony Joshua, Usyk – it doesn’t matter. Wherever it stops next, it’s always gonna be the Tyson Fury roadshow.

“Like I said when I was fighting Klitschko, there’s only been one man on these shores ever and he goes by the name of Tyson Fury.

“I’m the only man on these shores, the only man who can deliver, the only man who can pull it out every single time when the pressure’s on . Even when I’m put down, twice in the fourth round, I will get back up and I will knock a motherf***er out. Because that’s what I do!”

A new nickname for Whyte

When asked whether Whyte was unfortunate to be fighting in the same era as him, Fury provided an interesting response.

“He’s getting the biggest payday of his life! I’m not very good at maths, but how many 250 grands can we fit into 8 million? He’s getting 32 times his biggest payday. He should be here today kissing my feet and washing my feet.

“I don’t know about unfortunate, he’s very lucky to be in my era, he’s very lucky to be receiving this amount of money. Only thing he’s ever won is a British title.”

Finally Fury delivered his most cutting jibe, a new nickname for the ‘Body Snatcher’.

“He’s been banging on about how we’re all scared of him but I’ve give him a new name anyway – he’s called ‘Frillian Whyte Knickers’. It’s not Dillian Whyte, it’s Frillian Whyte Knickers, because he’s as soft as what it says in the title.

“He has definitely shown the white flag today.”