Tyson Fury wants to fight WWE king Drew McIntyre

Tyson Fury says he’d love to try his hand at professional wrestling again to take on WWE heavyweight champion Drew McIntyre.

Fury, now 31 years old, says there are many things he’d like to do outside of the boxing ring – including acting – but adds that his current active reign as a world heavyweight champion won’t allow it.

But he then teased fight fans by telling IFL TV: “The one thing I would be open to doing, and this is deadly serious, I would be open to fight Drew McIntyre in WWE. I think it’s amazing what he’s done – the first British WWE world heavyweight champion, congratulations to him. I think it would be a massive showdown in the UK for sure, that would be one to watch. I think everybody would be inspired and want to watch it.”

Tyson Fury loves WWE

Fury’s desire for a showdown with the 34-year-old Scot McIntyre was fuelled by his previous wrestling experience, when he defeated Braun Strowman at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia last October.

“Absolutely fantastic, I had one of the best times of my life in the WWE over in Saudi Arabia, it was absolutely amazing,” he said.

“Before that I was in Orlando, training and all over America doing all the stuff. I really really enjoyed it – it was hard work and a lot of travelling commitment. But the actual fun of it all was second to none. Having watched it all my life, and then being a part of it and see how it’s all done, absolutely amazing experience.”

Fury has two fights left on a current five-fight contract with Top Rank and ESPN in the United States that is worth a reported £80m. But ‘The Gypsy King’ says he wants to fight on and break bank with another massive agreement.

Fury on Top Rank and ESPN

“I’m coming to the end of my contract with Top Rank – two more fights left with those guys – and I wanna renew it. I don’t just want to walk away after two more fights, I’m 31 years old.

“Billy Keane, the man who helped with this deal with ESPN and Top Rank, said ‘they better get out the dumper truck and reverse it back up to Tyson Fury’s bank account, because that’s what it’s gonna need.’

“I wanna get that big major fight deal, I wanna break all records for a British fighter to go overseas and get the biggest signing record in history. And I know what with MTK Global, and with Top Rank, and Frank Warren and all the guys who help in between, I know that we can make it happen.

“I know we can break history with the biggest fight contract deal in the history of boxing. Bigger than Floyd Mayweather, bigger than Canelo, bigger than Mike Tyson, bigger than anybody. Because I think it’s very possible and I always aim high with my achievements.  And that’s my next aim.

“After I’ve wiped out these two dossers – Wilder and Joshua – then you know the world’s my oyster and we wanna see that big big contract from ESPN and whoever is out there battling to get ‘The Gypsy King’ on their station.”