Tyson Fury WWE: McIntyre out to end UK PPV drought

It is almost 30 years since WWE had a UK pay-per-view, and Drew McIntyre is hoping he and Tyson Fury can team up to end the drought.

Scottish superstar McIntyre became WWE champion back in April. And he has been vocal in his desire to have Fury to cross over to face him.

Fury of course spent a few days in Edinburgh calling out McIntyre earlier this year. A clash between the two appears inevitable at some stage.

McIntyre told The Sun: “I’m all about raising WWE’s profile anyway I can, even as big as WWE is.

“It’s my job as champion to get more eyes on the product and do some special things and top of my list of special things I want to do is get that big UK pay per view we’ve not had since SummerSlam 92.

“The fans deserve it, we’re at a place we can absolutely do it and pull it off, especially on the network we’re having these big shows across the world we can definitely do it in the UK.

“If it takes Fury and McIntyre to pull it off then I’m all about it, I see all the banter back and forth since ‘Mania like friendly banter, and he went crazy, he’s McIntyre daft.”

Fury vs McIntyre, the obsession

McIntyre says Fury is clearly obsessed with him, but it appears the sentiment is mutual.

“I was waking up at one point every single day to Fury coming at me, then I’d rip him to shreds every time and he’d keep coming back from worse he’s a glutton for punishment,” said the Scot.

“So when it comes to getting in the ring with me. I’m all about it.”

Fury vs Joshua fight poster
Tyson Fury is expected to meet Anthony Joshua next summer (Image – Amara Shaw).

Fury of course already has a couple of important dates coming up. The first one is a homecoming bout at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Saturday December 5.

Then he is likely to meet fellow Brit Anthony Joshua in the biggest fight in British boxing history next summer.

Fury has already crossed over to WWE once. He defeated Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia in 2019.