WBC president made ‘innocent mistake’ meeting Kinahan

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman says he made “an innocent mistake” in meeting Daniel Kinahan, but denies he or the respected governing body have any relationship with him.

Sulaiman issued a statement this week admitting that in Dubai recently he had been introduced to Kinahan, who has now been placed on a sanctions list by the U.S. Treasury Department for alleged links to organised crime.

Sulaiman on Kinahan

Sulaiman said: “Whilst visiting Dubai recently I was introduced to Daniel Kinahan, who has since been placed on a sanctions list by the US Treasury Department, concerning alleged links to drug crimes.”

Sulaiman said he wanted to clarify the situation due to speculation and ‘attacks’ on both him and the WBC, saying he there is no relationship whatsoever with Kinahan.

“This has generated speculation and attacks on myself and the WBC. I therefore feel it necessary to make it clear that at no time have we had any relationship with Daniel Kinahan.

“The World Boxing Council deals solely and exclusively with boxing promoters and only they maintain commercial relations in the certification of fights for our titles.”

WBC a force against drugs

Sulaiman also spoke at length in the statement about the work the WBC has done and continues to do around the dangers of drugs.

He explained: “The WBC has had for many years a large number of social responsibility campaigns focused on the prevention and awareness of the dangers of drug use.  We have a wonderful program of talks given by a former DEA agent, Rocky Heron, who reaches thousands of people with his presentations.

“We have rescued many boxers and members of the boxing community around the world from the demons of addiction and we openly and constantly support rehabilitation clinics such as those of Julio Cesar Chavez and Aaron Silva, among others.”

Sulaiman re-iterated that he had made an “innocent mistake” in meeting Kinahan, but said he did so “due to absolute ignorance of the situation”.

“I made an innocent mistake, due to absolute ignorance of the situation. In this way, I confirm that the World Boxing Council and all its members absolutely reject any action that is detrimental to human beings and we will continue, as always, in total compliance with the laws of all countries in the world.”