Heavyweight Boxing Rankings

As one might imagine for the marquee weight class in boxing, the heavyweight rankings are the subject of much debate and speculation.

Most self-respecting fight sport outlets have their own rankings and furyjoshua.com is no different – we update our rankings after every major fight weekend involving the sport’s stars.

There are also a plethora of sanctioning bodies who have rankings system which chart the path to a potential world title shot for any up-and-coming fighter. The most important – which give out accepted world titles – are:

And finally, boxing bible The Ring also has a hugely respected set of rankings which are topped by the prestigious Ring heavyweight title.

There has not been an undisputed world heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis back in 1999, and currently all of the belts are owned by the two prodigious talents that are Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

A unificiation fight between WBC, Ring magazine and lineal champion Fury and Usyk will happen at last on May 18, 2024 with all the heavyweight marbles on the line.

Fury and Anthony Joshua remember had come so close to meeting in 2021, in what would have been the biggest fight in British boxing history. Contracts were signed for a two-fight deal before an August date fell through at the last minute. We hope that one day, that megafight will eventually take place.

Who is the number 1 heavyweight boxer?

Ah, the eternal question to which there is no easy answer. Put simply, no fighter will ever top the rankings with every single body and rankings system. Such are the workings of the so-called alphabet organisations.

As well as having champions and rankings, some bodies also have interim champions, super champions and now in the case of the WBC, franchise champions.

It is a murky minefield for anybody new to the sport (very different to the likes of UFC for example which has one champion for each division), but it certainly adds to the debate for fight fans everywhere.

Our own rankings gives a pretty good guide to the top heavyweights out there, and specifically who is ranked number 1. Sometimes there is a consensus and right now it is likely pretty much everybody would take Fury or Usyk, with the majority plumping for the former.

Who are the top 10 heavyweight fighters?

Again, there is very rarely a consensus here, but at furyjoshua.com we can give you our definitive guide to the current world top 10 heavyweight fighters.

Our rankings are impartial and completely separate to any thought process employed by the major governing bodies.

They are based on achievement to date – nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t. But we will sleep easy in the knowledge they are based on cold hard fact, and impartial analysis.

When do the top 10 heavyweights fight?

Our heavyweight boxing schedule gives you the most up-to-date take on when the sport’s elite big men will be in the ring next.