Babic calls out ‘fake’ Hrgovic after Little demolition

Alen Babic ramped up his calls for a Croatian blockbuster with ‘fake’ Filip Hrgovic after demolishing Tom Little at Wembley Arena on Saturday night (live on Sky Sports and DAZN).

Babic and Hrgovic live so close to each other in Zagreb, they are almost neighbours. And now ‘The Savage’ is desperate to mix it with his countryman inside the ropes.

Hrgovic (12-0) is seen as one of the hottest prospects in heavyweight boxing right now. His latest victory was an impressive stoppage of the seasoned Rydell Booker earlier this month.

Babic meanwhile is building a nice CV of his own, and Saturday night’s crushing win over Little (now 10-9) means he is 6-0 with all wins inside distance. Little had no answer to the blistering punches coming in from all angles. Two third-round knockdowns finally closed the show after nine all-action minutes.

Babic: Get me Hrgovic now…

Now Babic is looking to step up, and what better way than a massive showdown with his fellow Croatian.

“Nobody can go three rounds with me. I had fuel in my tank for twenty like that,” he said.

“Filip Hrgovic bet against me, I’m so glad he lost money on me. He is my fellow Croat, we live like 2km away from each other. He bet against me. That just shows he doesn’t know shit about boxing.

“He doesn’t know the history of boxing. He’s just a technical guy, a very good technical guy. As soon as the fans come back, I want him.”

“I’m going to take Tom back to my Savage Army because he’s a good guy. He’s a good fighter but he’s not even close to my level. He’s two stone heavier than me. and I want you to write that down.

“I box every day. I don’t do anything out of the ring. My training is old school, boxing, sparring and pads. Just that. I didn’t do a single push up or pull up.”

Babic claims he is not just a puncher

So far Babic has got his opponents out of there in double-quick time with an avalanche of punches. He claims though that there is much more in his locker than that. And he says Hrgovic will find that out to his cost.

“I’m not faking anything. Hrgovic is a fake. I’m real and I want to fight. I like fist fights. I think it was a beautiful fight. I want to give people entertainment. That’s who I am and I’m always going to be like that.

“Unless somebody tests me I’m going to keep knocking them out. Give me a strong puncher, a knockout artist. You’re going to see the sweet science. I can do it. I can punch and I have stamina. I have a strong head, you can’t beat that with muscles.”