Could COVID-19 pave the way for Fury vs Joshua?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down big-time boxing along with pretty much all other sport globally since the virus properly took hold in March. But could it actually pave the way for a blockbusting fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua?

Bob Arum – whose Top Rank promotes Fury along with Frank Warren – touched on that tantalising prospect during a TV interview with Sky Sports in the UK.

The Hall of Fame promoter asked the question whether logistical issues caused by COVID-19 could perversely make it easier for Fury vs Joshua to be up next. That is because Fury is currently slated to fight Deontay Wilder in their third meeting in the United States. That fight had been scheduled for July, but is now looking set for October at the earliest due to the virus.

Arum on Fury vs Joshua

Arum said: “With or without audiences, we can’t do (the third fight between Fury and Wilder) while Fury can’t get back into the United States due to the travel ban. Wilder couldn’t get into England either.”

When asked if that presented an opportunity for Fury vs Joshua to happen sooner rather than later, Arum replied: “Everything is possible.

“We are all operating in territory where nobody has experience. I’m 88 but I’ve never had the experience to deal with this. We’re feeling our way. But everything is possible and nothing is off the table. We have to sit and discuss this, to figure out how to move into the future.

“I can’t predict when Fury vs Wilder will take place or if it will happen. Everybody in the UK wants to see the two Brits fighting, Fury and Joshua. When can that happen? I don’t know.”

Sky Sports meanwhile would be one of the leading bidders to show a Fury vs Joshua fight jn the UK – they have historically aired Joshua’s fights in this country while Fury has been broadcast by BT Sport recently. Those two battling it out for rights could be just as fascinating as any bout inside the ropes.