Whyte blasts “idiot” Wilder for ditching Breland

Dillian Whyte says Deontay Wilder is “an idiot” for parting ways with co-trainer Mark Breland, and believes it is the biggest make of ‘The Bronze Bomber’s’ career so far.

Breland came in for criticism from Wilder (42-1-1) and co-trainer Jay Deas after the loss to Tyson Fury in February. Breland had thrown in the towel to signal a seventh-round stoppage defeat for his man.

Wilder believed he should have been allowed to go out on his shield. And last week the expected split was confirmed.

Whyte though thinks it is a terrible move by Wilder (42-1-1) as he prepares for a trilogy fight with Fury.

“Deontay Wilder is an idiot, he clearly can’t see it. Good luck to him, it’s his team, he can do whatever he wants,” Whyte told Sky Sports.

“But I think it’s a bad mistake. Mark Breland is the only one that knows boxing in his team.”

Breland put Wilder first

Whyte himself is coming off a devastating stoppage defeat, at the hands of Alexander Povetkin in August.

And he believes Breland’s actions showed he cared about his fighter, not the money.

He said: “I think it’s the worst mistake he’s (Wilder) ever made. Because Mark Breland is the only person in his team that actually was a boxer and actually was a world champion. He was the only person that didn’t care about money or fame.

“Someone who was actually from an emotional point, someone who understands, thinking about his health and did the right thing by throwing the towel in, because he could have got seriously hurt.”

Whyte, who rematches Povetkin on November 21, says the writing was clearly on the wall for Wilder when Breland saved him.

“He was getting hit with punches that weren’t knocking him out, they were concussing him,” he added.

“Mark Breland knows what it’s like, because Mark Breland has been in the same position Wilder was in.

“He’s someone that cares about the athlete and the boxing side of things.”