Frank Warren vs Eddie Hearn SHOWDOWN confirmed for 2024, in a boxing ring

These are unprecedented times for professional boxing, and Frank Warren vs Eddie Hearn is set to provide yet another tantalising twist to a stellar 2024 calendar.

Until recent weeks the two British promotional giants were bitter rivals, and their war of words on YouTube and social media often provided one of the sport’s most entertaining subplots. Despite the fact that Hearn claims they had never even met.

Now everything has changed though – courtesy of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority and its mastermind His Excellency Turki Alalshikh.

In recent weeks we have seen Warren and Hearn collaborating to put on some of the biggest shows in boxing history – notably that immense ‘Day of Reckoning’ card in Riyadh last month. And now Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou, which is set for March 8.

On Monday though, at the official press conference to announce that AJ vs Ngannou blockbuster, Turki Alalshikh revealed his latest grand plan to the world – a bill featuring Warren fighters vs Hearn fighters. Five of each to be precise.

Warren vs Hearn bill agreed

Both men, smiling again, shook hands to agree on the plan as they spoke to the world’s media, so it appears we will get the show that might break the boxing internet.

By the way, this latest Saudi vision might well play into another plan revealed by Turki Alalshikh on Monday – he wants the winner of Joshua vs Ngannou to face the winner of that Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk heavyweight unification match, set for February 17.

Should Fury emerge victorious against Usyk, and should Joshua dispatch Ngannou, they would be the last men standing in this heavyweight elimination. Which would mean of course, they could potentially top that Warren vs Hearn bill. Fury vs Joshua, at last – what a thought.

For now though we can look forward to some terrific action in the meantime, headed by Fury vs Usyk and Joshua vs Ngannou. We also have that terrific Joseph Parker vs Zhilei Zhang bout confirmed as the co-main event for March 8.

These are golden days for boxing’s heavyweight division – enjoy them while you can.