Fury says Wilder wanted $20m to step aside

Tyson Fury claims Deontay Wilder wanted $20million to step aside and allow a massive Fury vs Anthony Joshua showdown this summer.

The two British heavyweight world champions appeared on course to meet for all the marbles in Saudi Arabia on Saturday August 14. But then Wilder won an arbitration ruling regarding his collapsed trilogy fight with Fury in 2020.

That ruling stipulated Fury must give Wilder a third fight – unless the pair could agree some form of extension. This would have likely involved Fury paying a ‘step-aside’ fee to Wilder to give up his rights to an immediate fight.

The narrative since it all went down is that Wilder did not want step-aside money – he wanted the fight instead. Fury says not so, and claims the American asked for $20million, something he would never agree to. So now the fight will go ahead at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday July 24.

Fury on Wilder step-aside ‘demand’

Speaking to MMA star Michael Bisping for BT Sport, Fury said: “He asked me for $20million and I told him ‘I don’t pay people to step aside, I pay ’em in a*** kickings’.

“That was the truth, they asked for $20million to step aside, $20million to step aside. I said ‘I wouldn’t give you 20 grand you piece of s***, I’ll smash your f***ing teeth in’.

“I wouldn’t give him a million quid to step aside, because I’d rather give him a good hiding to put him into retirement.”

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While British fight fans are still hopeful a showdown with Joshua can happen later this year, AJ himself has aired doubts it will.

Fury hits back at AJ

Fury though bristles at those comments though, saying: “I couldn’t give a f*** what he thinks, he’s a piece of s*** too  – he’s gonna get a good hiding when I meet him as well.”

The Fury vs Wilder mind games are in full swing now, and Tyson made special mention of the injuries Deontay came out of their last fight with – he’s looking to do similar damage on July 24.

“The only thing I can concentrate on, the motivation for this fight, is to deal with it properly this time so he doesn’t wanna come back for a third time. I cracked his skull last time, done his shoulder, tore his bicep. So I’m hoping to double up on all them injuries.”