Fury vs Joshua: Hearn says ‘stand by’ for huge news

Eddie Hearn has told fight fans – and Tyson Fury – to ‘stand by’ for huge news on  that massive showdown between ‘The Gypsy King’ and Anthony Joshua.

Fury vs Joshua is set to be the biggest fight in British boxing history – and is currently expected to take place in June, likely in the Middle East.

Earlier this week Fury said in an interview with ESPN that he had doubts the fight would go ahead any time soon. It is now eight months since the two fighters agreed in principle the financial structure for a two-fight deal.

Fury vs Joshua: on the verge

Hearn though said he has nothing to worry about, telling the Ak and Barak Show on DAZN: “We’re pretty much on the verge now of giving you something to get very excited about.

“I’m not gonna say anything else. I’ll let Tyson Fury. All you need to know is that when you hear from ‘the main man’ – that being Anthony Joshua – and his management team start making noise like they have on social media, you know things are happening.

“I know I talk a lot, that’s because people ask me a lot of questions. I talk on AJ’s behalf, but I don’t talk for him.”

The biggest fight in boxing

While Fury’s frustration continues to grow, Hearn says things are moving on, with the sheer size of the promotion meaning it does take time.

He said: “Tyson’s probably getting a bit frustrated. He’s probably thinking ‘hurry up, hurry up’, and he’s probably wondering what’s the hold-up. The hold-up is that this is the biggest fight in boxing.

“But I spoke to Mr. Arum last night, and I’m trying so hard not to say anything, but stand by guys, stand by!”

Arum has said he expects both fighters to earn around $100million for their first fight alone. It is expected and hoped they will fight an immediate rematch before the end of 2021.