Hearn on Fury vs Joshua: We won’t be held to ransom

Eddie Hearn says he won’t be held to ransom as he looks to clear the path for a Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua megafight later this year.

The pair are expected to lock horns for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world – potentially in late May or early June. If a solution can be found for mandatory WBO title challenger Oleksandr Usyk.

By right, Usyk should meet current champion Joshua next. But Hearn, as well as team Fury, believe a Fury vs Joshua showdown is the priority. Hearn says a solution can be found, but only if both sides are realistic.

Hearn: There is a solution

The Matchroom Boxing supremo told Boxing Social: “Some people – and this really isn’t a dig at any of his (Usyk’s) team or anything – just have the idea that he should be getting millions of dollars to step aside for this fight. Really, what will happen is will apply to the WBO for the undisputed fight. And if they say ‘no, you need to talk to Oleksandr Usyk’, we will go to Oleksandr Usyk and we will try and make him happy to allow that fight to go on.”

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While Hearn would love to deliver a Fury fight for all the belts – the undisputed moniker is a career goal for AJ – he says he will not pay whatever it takes to do so.

“There is a solution, and as I’ve said before, this fight between Fury and AJ will happen with all the belts or not one belt at all. The problem is, when there’s a big fight like that, everyone – I’ve got to get my words right here – the greed’s unbelievable.

Fury and Joshua will make the calls

“It’s gonna come down to the fighters. The fighters are paying millions of dollars in sanctioning fees. I heard someone say Usyk wants a percentage of AJ and Fury’s purse to step aside. I was like ‘mate’. But there is a solution, and if everyone’s smart together we can find a solution.

“And I really want it to be undisputed because that’s always been the dream for AJ, and we’ll do everything we can. But we’re not gonna be held to ransom by anyone. If we lose one belt we’ll probably vacate them all and say, ‘this is boxing now’.

“If everyone’s sensible – and we’ll be fair in return – hopefully we can find a solution.”