Tyson Fury on family: Beating depression, and Wilder

Family is central to everything Tyson Fury does, the driving force behind it all, including that epic comeback from the brink of sporting oblivion.

Fury’s heartwarming return to the summit of boxing has been one of THE stories of the past decade. Never more evident than during the first COVID-19 lockdown which started in March 2020.

The daily workouts on social media with wife Paris, often complete with their five children (sons Prince Tyson Fury II, Prince Adonis Amaziah and Prince John James; and daughters Venezuela and Valencia Amber) popping up in the background, emphasised the Fury way.

In his latest book, released on November 12 and entitled ‘The Furious Method’, Tyson again re-iterated how important his closest important backroom team is.

Tyson Fury on family: the real driving force

He said: “My family are the driving force behind everything I do. I’ll come back to my family and my friends later in the book to do them justice, because having a loving family is the most important life goal anyone can aim for.

“Why did I make my comeback from depression? My family. Why did I get back up from the dead when I was out cold in the twelfth round against Wilder? My family.”

Fury’s WWE debut against Braun Strowman in the Middle East in 2019 not only saw him realise a childhood dream. It was also something for his biggest fans – his children.

“Why do WWE wrestling? OK, I confess I’ve enjoyed watching it since I was a child,” said Fury.

“But it was the joy my children get from it that ultimately made me do it. For them to see their dad taking on Braun Strowman made me feel so proud.”

Keeping it real

The 21st Century, via social media and its glittering and often false trappings, can give a distorted view of modern life. It can give people unrealistic expectations of what their existence should be.

Fury knows this only too well, and said: “At some stage in your life you have to come clean and stop kidding yourself, accepting who and what you are, because you can soul-search all of your life and time waits for no one.

“These days, through the lie of social media and reality T V, people get sucked into the sparkly dream of celebrity: jewels, mansions and champagne, turquoise swimming pools and snow-white sandy beaches . . . with worshipping fans at every corner.

“I say: don’t think about being famous for the sake of being famous. Follow your passion and consider who will benefit from it. I’ve never put material things in front of what really matters to me: my craft of boxing and my family.

“I could live in a twenty- five-room castle if I wanted to but I don’t need the space. I live in a five-bedroom house in Morecambe, Lancashire with my wife and our five kids and we have what we need.”

A n0-negative environment

Fury also paid tribute to the part his family played in his battle against the mental health demons which put his very life at risk. He emphasised the value of that support network in helping overcome his issues to fight, and win, again.

He, Paris and their children moved onto his dad John’s land in December 2016 and lived there for six months. It was a vital step in his recovery. The creation of “a no-negative environment”.

“If you are blessed with a close family as I’ve been, nothing can beat the security you feel with those who have always loved you unconditionally and always will,” he said.

“I had a great corner of trusted family members and they dropped everything to be with me. They didn’t care how much money I had or whether I was still the Gypsy King or not – I could just be Tyson in their company; brother, son, father, and sometimes wounded child.

“Being left alone to be a normal person meant everything to me, though being left alone completely was out of the question. I needed and still need people. Some of us are loners by nature, but not me. I love the chatter, the company, the stories, the jokes, the songs, the music . . . I draw my strength from my family.

“They’re not all brilliant at understanding mental health, or talking openly about emotions, but I wouldn’t swap them for all the rock on Blackpool’s North Pier.”

Fury is now expected to return to the boxing ring in 2021. That following the collapse of his trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder. And the announcement that his December 5 date (likely against Agit Kabayel) will not happen.