Tyson Fury training ‘like a $100million racehorse’

Tyson Fury says he is being trained “like a $100million racehorse” as he prepares for his trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder on Saturday July 24.

‘The Gypsy King’ and ‘The Bronze Bomber’ will lock horns for a third time, 16 months on from Fury’s demolition of the American in their rematch.

Fury has not fought since that night in February 2020, and after many false starts for his next bout he is now in prime condition for the big night in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

Fury on preparing for Wilder

Talking to MMA star Michael Bisping on BT Sport, Fury said: “I can’t physically, mentally or emotionally do anything more than I’m doing. I’m being trained like a $100million racehorse.

“I’m being fed on the best, I’m training with the best, I’m doing the best things for injury prevention – everything, stretching, whatever you can think of – anything that a highly-trained fighting man would do. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

YouTube video

Wilder will have a new man heading up his corner for the trilogy fight in long-time friend Malik Scott. Social media videos released by ‘The Bronze Bomber’ have only, Fury claims, given him new clues as to how to defeat Deontay again.

Fury on ‘the new’ Wilder

“He’s training with guy now who has got him throwing combination punches and rolling down and all that. The heavyweight division, you don’t do that.

“Because when you sit in the pocket and you throw more than two punches at once, you throw five/six punches, what’s gonna happen? Am I just gonna go  ‘alright finish your job and I’ll let you back afterwards?’. I’m gonna go bang halfway in between. Before that wasn’t possible because he was throwing like one punch, two punch, three max and he’d be away.

“But this time, if he’s gonna sit in the pocket and throw four, five, six punches, well I’m gonna clip him proper and he’s gonna go to sleep. And I see him bending down a lot as well, hit him as well when he does that.”

Wilder (42-1-1) produced a myriad of excuses following that first career defeat at the hands of Fury (30-0-1), leaving ‘The Gypsy King’ to speculate about why. He has very specific thoughts on the matter.

Fury on Wilder excuses

“I think when you’ve been undefeated for a long time like Wilder was, you need to justify a reason why you lost,” said Fury.

“I don’t think he could come up with one reason why he lost, so he came up with 20. So sometimes mentally, emotionally, they have to say all these things to vindicate why they’ve lost a fight.

“It can’t just be ‘I’ve lost to a better man on the night, fair play, get you next time mush’. It will just be like ‘oh my God, he had moon boots on, this guy, he had a crossbow in his fists’.”