“Where’s your Mojo?” – Hearn hits back at team Fury

Eddie Hearn has hit back at team Fury as negotiations progress for a massive world heavyweight title fight between ‘The Gypsy King’ and his star man Anthony Joshua.

The fighters have signed contracts for a two-fight deal. Hopefully the first one will take place in the summer, with a rematch before the end of 2021.

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Despite that though, Fury’s father John aired concerns last weekend that the fight will still not happen any time soon, with a date and venue still to be finalised. He also believes the ongoing global pandemic could scupper any hope of a massive site fee.

Hearn is on a whirlwind global tour this week to field offers from countries hoping to stage the bout. He did though speak to Ak And Barak on DAZN to respond to the latest noises from the Fury camp.

Hearn hits back

“All I’m doing is grafting my nuts off to try and make this fight. I’m travelling around the world this week trying to get it done and all I hear from the other side is ‘yeah well, it’s not gonna happen is it, it’s not a great time at the moment’.

“I said to Arum the other day: ‘Mate, where’s your mojo?’. I’m flying around the world and then people will say to me ‘Oh well, I saw an interview with this guy and he said he doesn’t even think it’s happening’.

“AJ is in 100% full camp. In his mind this is the only fight that’s happening next. Wherever comes up with the best opportunity – it’s on. I hope that will come from the other side as well because everybody’s signed a contract.

“Now they have to approve the site and the deal but it’s gonna be significant, we’ve already had offers. I don’t like the noise I’m hearing from that camp. Maybe they’ve been let down before, maybe they don’t trust people.”


Hearn described the doubts from team Fury as “frustrating”, and appears surprised there is a lack of unity given all parties have signed a contract.

“I’m not travelling around the world away from my family and just holding up folders of quarantines and tests and exemptions – it’s a ballache. I’m doing it because I’m trying to make the biggest fight in the world.

“So if you’re with me, as you showed you were by signing the contract, be with us. It’s frustrating but maybe they think that we won’t come up with the goods. But we will.”

Hearn said July is now the likely landing date for the first Fury vs Joshua fight, which would likely allow for a rematch in November or December.

As for the venue, British fight fans would obviously see the two current world heavyweight champions meet in front of 90,000 at Wembley Stadium. COVID-19 restrictions mean that prospect is unlikely this year, and Saudi Arabia remains hot favourite to play host instead.