Wilder bombshell: What next for Fury vs Joshua?

Deontay Wilder threw a massive spanner into those Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua plans on Monday, so what happens next?

Multiple media reports say Wilder has won his arbitration case against Fury after their planned trilogy fight did not happen in 2020.

Fury said he was “moving on” after multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a scuppered December 19 date the final straw.

Wilder’s camp claimed they retained the right to that third bout, something Fury’s camp rebuffed. So the case went to arbitration.

Wilder wins arbitration ruling

The ruling, months in the making, came down on Monday with Daniel Weinstein ruling in favour of Wilder. Instead of ruling financial compensation was in order though, he ruled something far worse that August 14 Fury vs Joshua date.

Weinstein said Fury must fight Wilder for a third time before September 15, 2021, also allowing the possibility for them to agree to an extension.

So, right at the final hurdle for the biggest fight in British boxing history, we appear to be falling short again. More importantly, what happens next?

Fury vs Wilder 2 fight poster
Will we see Fury vs Wilder again before we see Fury vs Joshua?

There are several possible scenarios, including the following most likely outcomes:

  • Fury and Wilder agree to an extension and Wilder would likely receive a step-aside fee to allow Fury vs Joshua to take place immediately. Given the finances involved, that would likely to be one of the biggest in boxing history. Well into the millions of dollars. Then Fury vs Wilder 3 would happen at a later date.
  • Wilder and Fury cannot agree to an extension. In this case Fury would likely have to fight Wilder before September 15, and Fury vs Joshua – for now at least – would remain a pipedream.

For Wilder ,the decision is not straightforward. Which does he value more right now? The step-aside money or that chance to get his WBC and Ring magazine titles back from Fury.

Nightmare scenario for Fury vs Joshua

For the Fury and Joshua teams, this is the worst possible nightmare. The ruling from Weinstein came just 24 hours after Fury himself had announced that the huge unification match with Joshua would go ahead on Saturday August 14.

The Saudis are reportedly on the brink of putting up a huge $155million site fee to host the bout, and time is already short to do everything needed to hit that August date.

Wilder and Fury had met twice previously. The first time in 2018, Fury got off the floor twice but was still considered unfortunate not to get the decision as the bout in Los Angeles ended in a controversial draw.

The second fight, in Las Vegas in February 2020, was not nearly as close. Fury was on the front foot from the first bell and utterly dominated Wilder en route to a convincing seventh-round stoppage win.