Wilder blasts Fury: ‘I won’t wait on no coward’

Deontay Wilder has unleashed another verbal bomb at Tyson Fury, saying he won’t “wait on no coward” as he looks to return to the ring in early 2021.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ had been hoping to face Fury in a trilogy fight before the end of 2020. But attempts to make that happen failed, and Fury said he had “moved on” as a result.

Wilder’s camp are reportedly making legal moves to try and keep the fight alive. Meanwhile Fury’s camp say they no longer have a contractual obligation to fight.

Wilder looking to return in early 2021

Wilder appeared on the Last Stand podcast with Brian Custer, and said: “You’ll see me back in the ring some time in the first week of January, the latest early February.

“We’re looking through opponents now, we’re not gonna sit around and wait on no coward that have a obligation to fulfil but ran away from it. We’re not gonna sit around man, we’re gonna get back in the ring.

“I got a lot of fans that’s looking forward to me stepping back in the ring and doing what I do best. So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re looking now, we’re still training.”

When Wilder agreed to fight Fury in 2018 (a draw in Los Angeles), and again in a Las Vegas rematch in February 2020, he feels he did ‘The Gypsy King’ a favour. One he says that should now be returned.

“I lift this man (Fury) up, he was in the worst situation in his life. He was in a time where he was contemplating about killing himself,” said Wilder.

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“He was at a time where he was broke. And who lift him up? I reached out to him, I told him ‘you get yourself together and I’ll give you the shot’.

“He wasn’t lined up to have that shot. He didn’t deserve to have that shot. But I gave him that opportunity.”

Wilder added: “I feel if I helped you out, I helped your family out, I gave you my word. You gave me your word, stand by your word as a man. Forget all the other stuff.”

Wilder on Breland parting

That rematch against Fury of course saw Wilder (42-1-1) suffer his first defeat as a professional. And in the aftermath he was critical of co-trainer Mark Breland for throwing in the towel in round seven. They later parted ways.

Wilder went into the detail for that move, saying: “The main issue with the Mark throwing in the towel. I’ve been preaching for five years, don’t ever throw a towel in with Deontay Wilder.

“Deontay Wilder is never out until it’s over with. Because of what I’m capable of doing, because of my heart and will. Because of the power that I was possess. I was never out and he knows that.

“At the end of the day, if you go to work and your boss tell you not to do something and you do it, what gonna happen? We don’t even have to get into the other stuff. The boss said something. They work for me, I don’t work for them.

“How can you save a life that don’t wanna be saved Brian. If I draw the sword, I’m gonna die by the sword. This is boxing man, y’all gotta wake up. Boxing is a cruel sport, point blank, period. That’s why I have my attitude that I have towards it.  There’s nothing nice in boxing.”

Wilder, who had bicep surgery after the Fury rematch, says he is now in great shape having been in training in September. And more importantly, he claims he’s at peace.

“Everything is good, my arm is good, my health is great. I’m at peace. Peace is the ultimate key to happiness. All is well, I got beautiful people around me, got a beautiful family. I can’t complain. God would slap me if I complain.”