Roy Jones Jr vs today’s best heavyweights

Roy Jones Jr is about to turn back the clock by fighting Mike Tyson, but how would the pair have fared against the best heavyweights of today such as Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua?

Jones Jr (now 51) answered that burning question when he spoke to Sky Sports News this week, hot on the heels of the announcement that he and the 54-year-old Tyson will meet in an eight-round exhibition bout in California on September 12.

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Roy, who won world titles from middleweight right up to heavyweight, where he took a belt by beating John Ruiz in 2003, not surprisingly believes his era might well have the edge.

He explained: “In our primes? We would probably have beaten them. You can never say, but I think we would probably have beaten them. Our skill level was deeper, at that time, than it is now.

“In our prime we would have come out on top against most of those guys. But you never know because it never happened so you can’t discredit those guys. They are good fighters, well-respected fighters, and my hat is off to them because they are at the top.”

Roy Jones Jr vs today’s best heavyweights

Jones Jr also gave his expert analysis on how he would approach fighting the best big men in the sport today:

Roy Jones Jr on how he would fight Joshua

“Joshua? I would have boxed, moved around and made him move his feet to punch.

“Joshua is the only one I would box on the outside because he isn’t as tall as they are (Fury and Wilder). I would have boxed him on the outside, but the other two I would box on the inside. Joshua is an athlete who can get you with either hand, so you have to watch him. Dangerous with both hands.”

Roy Jones Jr on how he would fight Fury

“I would stay close. Just like Tyson does – I would have stayed on their (Fury and Wilder) chest all night. Fury would be difficult to get to because he is tall and awkward with a good mind. He has a high boxing IQ.”

Roy Jones Jr on how he would fight Wilder

“Wilder has a very good straight right hand. You’ve got to get away from that before you even think about getting a victory over him.”

Roy Jones Jr on Fury vs Joshua

“Joshua is good but, as far as boxing IQ, I would go with Fury. He is smarter than all of them. But Joshua is the better athlete and you can never discredit the athlete. You never know until they fight.”

Now Jones Jr is concentrating on preparing for the fight that many fight fans dreamed off almost 20 years ago – that showdown with Tyson. The pay-per-view for their showdown will cost fans $49.99 (around £39) according to widespread media reports.